About Breadcrumb

Breadcrumb is your companion, keeping your place while you're doing difficult things.

Work through procedures while keeping focus on the next thing that you need to complete. Breadcrumb started from our own need to turn these procedures into actionable things we could move through, rather than a static grouping of instructions we got lost in. We are constantly working through lists of instructions, potentially spread across different web pages, created by others (and ourselves) to follow. These lists can be found everywhere… from Help sections of our favorite web apps.. to README's of amazing open source applications and libraries… to Support Sites for companies of all sizes.

With Breadcrumb's extension you can leave in page annotations and bookmarks on any web page that only you can see! Any part of the page can be stricken through, bookmarked with a flag, or marked up with a personal note. This saves you time by eliminating that confusing moment when you've come back to a page... but you can't find where you left off, and you can't remember what you were thinking.

You'll know at a glance what you've done, and what you haven't done! No more scanning for which thing you've completed or searching for where you left off :)

We've been building software for quite a while now, with the aim of helping people get on with the the more important parts of their day... living their lives rather than spending it in front of a machine. As we've gone about building all of this amazing software, we realized how much time we spent toggling between reading about how to implement a library or a framework and actually implementing the steps to spin it into whatever project we are working on. The time we spent searching...trying to pick back up where we left off in a set of instructions felt wasteful, so... we started experimenting with new ways of working through them. That's how we came up with Breadcrumb. Since we found it a great companion we thought perhaps others would too... and we were right!

Breadcrumb isn't useful for only tech related sets of instructions as I've described above. It's useful for any set of instructions (like a recipe you're cooking) that you've come across and need a partner to keep your place. The tech space is just where we found our first use case, there are many more!

We would love to see how and where you're using them, so if you tweet us a link to your breadcrumb then you'll be entered into a drawing for a loaf of bread!!

Try it out now!